社区At Meridian社区学院, we’re all about 社区 – the 社区 we serve 和 社区 services we offer! 来自成人教育 opportunities and summer sessions for youth, to high-quality entertainment programs and art gallery shows, MCC has a myriad of offerings 与 社区 in mind. 在那里 are also MCC programs geared for businesses, testing and training sessions, career training assistance and even personal enrichment classes ready to help you discover 你的才能! 

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  • Founded in 1937, Meridian社区学院 continues to meet the diverse needs of its growing 社区 by promoting educational, economic and 社区 development.


  • MCC's 成人教育 Program provides foundational skills in math, reading, and writing to help students acquire the skills needed to earn a High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma, go to college, and/or join the military.


You become a member of the Meridian社区学院 Alumni the moment you graduate, complete a certification or even attend a class! 我们的目标是通过校友会 is to connect and stay connected with you, an MCC Eagle!


的 天启文学评论 is a literary journal produced through the Language and Literature Division in collaboration 与 平面设计技术专业 在Meridian社区学院. 的 journal showcases the literary talents of MCC students, area high school students, and 社区 members. 它也提供了一个平台 for graduating graphic design students to display their interpretations of selected 文学作品. All monetary awards given to winners come from the generosity of 世纪挑战基金会. 


With multiple productions each year, and two after-school youth training groups, MCC 艺术 & 信件对每个人都有好处. 

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MCC田径 consists of baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, track and field, 和高尔夫球! You can check out a game here on campus, or stream it live! MCC田径 also offers educational courses for students as well as youth-driven athletic camps! 


It can be very difficult getting your own business up and running. 我们的商业协助 courses are designed to provide valuable information to those interested in starting 新业务. You will learn how to investigate the business opportunity, what steps to take to get your business off the ground, and what to do to keep it going. 任何人 thinking about 新业务 or entering the world of business ownership will benefit 从我们的课程中.



的职业 & 测试中心 provides access to an open computer lab for job search, 简历写作,以及网络资源. A printing, faxing and copy service is provided 收取象征性的费用. A job board is available inside the center listing open positions 地区雇主. Testing services and high-stakes professional certifications are available through a wide range of testing vendors.


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If you want to get an even better view of our campus, consider taking a campus tour! We offer an online self-guided tour, as well as in-person tours.

Step into the vibrant world of art by visiting MCC's 卡斯泰尔美术馆, located in the Davidson 美术 Center in Ivy-Scaggs Hall. 凭借其广阔的空间和 movable walls, the gallery showcases local and renowned artists' works, from abstract 对现实的. Five exhibitions are spotlighted from late August through early May, with works of visiting and local professional artists, students, alumni, and faculty and unique 展品来自永久收藏.



College4Kids is an annual summer event held on the Meridian社区学院 campus. It is the summer experience for kids; there are lots of fun classes offered to children 6 - 12岁. 



完成2次比赛(C2C) is a statewide initiative sponsored by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning 和 Mississippi 社区 College Board. 它的使命是 help Mississippi adults who attended college but don't have a degree get their degree 创造更美好的未来.


Meridian社区学院 offers degree and non-degree continuing education courses. Personal Enrichment classes are also offered in the Fall and Spring of each semester. 



的 达蒙健身中心 is open to students and 社区 members. 我们提供一般 memberships, which include entry to the weight room, swimming pool, track, and tennis courts; weight room memberships, which include access to the weight room and exercise equipment; and lap/leisure swim memberships.



MCC Dental Hygiene Technology students can take appointments for patients for a variety 从清洁牙齿到拍x光片. 与学生约个时间见面 请叫卫生员 601.481.1353 请留言. 一个学生会打电话给你安排时间. 病人被分配 to students based on their case type and level of difficulty.


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Meridian社区学院 基金会 attracts private investment to the College by fostering individual and corporate philanthropy so the College can strengthen its 追求卓越. 的 澳门银河在线官方网址基金会 offers more than 200 named-scholarships 和 学费保障计划, which has invested approximately $6 million in 4,661 students. 我们提供大学 Transfer Program, Occupational Education 澳门银河在线官方网址, Adult Basic Education/GED Program, 及劳动力培训.